Here at Gatsby Autoworx, we pride ourselves on restoring, customizing and providing parts for what we consider to be the most respected cars ever manufactured - vintage automobiles. The majority of our selection of parts are manufactured here in our restoration garage, located in Burlington,  North Carolina. Our facility houses some of the latest machines needed to fabricate and machine parts. Giving us the ability to create hard to find and custom parts to our customers specific needs.

 Restoration & Repair Customization Part Fabrication

These vintage Automobiles are full of personality, style and class. Pieces of art that belong back on the road, restored to their previous glory.


It is our goal to make this happen, from full restoration to simple repairs.


Get in touch with us if you have a project in mind, or your looking to complete some minor repairs.

While we do love to Restore these Beauties to their original state, there are times when you just want a little something different.


We strive to give our clients everything we have to make sure their vision is achieved.


Need a customization? Drop us a line and let us know what you need.

Finding parts can be difficult as the years pass. In order to achieve our goal of putting these vehicles back on the road, we have invested in top of the line equipment to make the parts we need in house.


Check out our Parts page and if you don't see what you need, just drop us a line.



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 Restoration & Repair Customization Part Fabrication
 Restoration & Repair Customization Part Fabrication
 Restoration & Repair Customization Part Fabrication